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Ceragem hosted the 7th Sharing Kimchi for Winter event with Korean cabbage directly cultivated by Ceragem


Ceragem, the global healthcare specialist, held the 7th Sharing Kimchi for Winter with Korean cabbage directly cultivated by the company on the 1st of last month.

The 7th Sharing Kimchi for Winter has continued since 2011, using Korean cabbages cultivated by all employees and officers in the farming fields of Ceragem beginning in September. About 150 employees and officers of Ceragem including 15 foreign volunteers from the Cheonan Multi-culture Center joined the event.


About 3,000 heads of Korean cabbages, equivalent to about 6 tons, were made into Kimchi and presented to the neglected and those at the Cheonan Multi-culture Center who need help in Seonggeo, Jiksan and Ipjang, Cheonan.


CEO, Lee Gyu-Cheol said, โ€œI hope this event will be a good way to help the neglected in our community have a warm and happy winter by delivering our affection to them. Ceragem will continuously endeavor to contribute to helping the community help each other and to expand a culture of sharing.โ€

As well as the Sharing Kimchi for Winter event, Ceragem has been continuously supporting the Child Fund for 11 years since 2006. All employees of Ceragem have been participating in volunteering activities at social welfare centers and blood donation centers through the establishment of the `Ceragem Sharing Hope Team`in April for more systematic activities to fulfill their social responsibilities.



Moreover, Ceragem has been continuously engaged in social contribution activities as a global leader including the establishment of and support for shelters for foreign female workers and support for joint wedding ceremony for foreigners. Ceragem has also been deploying CSR activity all overthe world beyond Korea including the Ceragem Hope School Project (8th school under construction) as a project of reconstructing old elementary schools in China, a college scholarship project (Shandong University, Beijing University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University and Jilin University), the Ceragem Dream School Project in India, scholarships for Dhaka University in Bangladesh and support for earthquake victims in Nepal.


With the global activities above, Ceragem was selected as the Best CSR Model Enterprise of Korea in China for two consecutive years in 2016 and won the Grand Prize in the field of social responsibility from the 2017 Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Forbes, the Presidential Medal of Industrial Service in 2016 and the Grand Prize in Creating Shared Value Management Awards, marketing awards in Korea, for the two consecutive years of 2016 and 2017.

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