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Ceragem Hosts the 2017 Second-Half Strategic Meeting for the European Region



The global health care company Ceragem hosted the 2017 Second-Half Strategic Meeting for the European Region for five days between Monday, July 10th and Friday, July 14th. The meeting, participated in by President Kim Sang-sik, executive officials of Ceragem Headquarters, and the heads of Ceragem European branches, was held at the Ceragem German branch. Ceragem`s European branches are located in Germany, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Egypt, and the United States.


The meeting was designed to achieve the business goals of 2017, plant the culture of ethical management, and strengthen the foundation of future growth through the implementation of tasks for the transformation of Ceragem. Major items discussed during the meeting include the analysis of this year`s first half business performance and presentation of major policies and second-half strategies by each Ceragem branch as well as of the tasks for the transformation of Ceragem. Additionally, the meeting witnessed a practical plan to manage Ceragem`s purchasing customers, a demonstration of the standard company instruction for executive officials, and the Launching Ceremony of the CSV Business Institute.


President Kim Sang-sik expressed "gratitude to the heads of the branches for Ceragem`s growth in our remote locations"and asked the participants to "work together to cement the foundation for Ceragem`s transformation through ethical management and bea competitive, sustainably-growing company through experiential marketing." 

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