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겢읇諛몃윴뒪5 솕옣뭹 釉뚮옖뱶 [CB5]

  • Balance Tea (1.5g횞60ea)

    Balance Tea helps a circulation in our body, detox and promote vitality. So this tea is very effective to women exercising a diet and people who do not drink enough water. It is great tea for both summer and winter to enjoy as thirst quencher and herb tea.


    1) Mix 1 packet (500ml) with water and enjoy.
    2) Adjust the amount of water and temperature according to your preference. (It dissolves well in cold water, too).

  • Balance Active Probiotics (3g횞30 package)

    Probiotics is live micro-organisms living in human intestine. Probiotics help intestine be healthy by removing harmful bacteria and promoting growth of probiotics. Balance Active Probiotics contains 10,000,000,000 double-coated live probiotics that travel to intestine alive.


    1) Take 1 packet a day; do not mix with water (This product is not to mix with water).
    2) It is convenient to carry with individual stick packet.

  • Balance Active D (5g횞21 package)

    Plantago ovata includes water-soluble and insoluble dietary fiber (over 85%). The dietary fibers meet water and expand 40 times bigger. It removes hunger feeling and gives full and satisfied feeling. The dietary fibers increase amount of stool, make it soft and help for smooth bowl movement. Taken with water, it expands then promotes peristalsis and helps discharge impurities of the intestine.


    1) Take 1 packet with enough water (at least 500ml) once or twice a day.
    2) Take it soon after opening.

  • Balance Shaker (30g횞30 packet)

    In order to increase Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) that is a basic principle to lose weight, it is important to increase protein intake. Balance Shaker includes 13g of protein (1 serving) that helps for daily protein intake. The average calorie in one meal is about 1,000kcal. The calorie of the shaker is only 115kcal. So if you take the Balance Shaker for a meal, you get to lose weight because the amount of calorie is reduced.


    1) Pour milk or soy milk (200ml) into a shaker (cup).
    2) Empty contents of one Balance Shaker packet into a shaker. Shake well. Enjoy for a meal.

  • Balance Optima Multi Vitamin Mineral ((1,000mg, 700mg횞1tablet)횞30 packet)

    Considered contemporary people셲 nutrition state and daily life habit, various nutrients (11 berries, 15 grains) are contained. In addition, the Balance Optima was manufactured in the form of bilayer tablet to minimize interfere between vitamin and mineral. As the tablet contains 13 vitamins and 8 minerals, 2 tablets a day meets 100% of the criteria for Korean셲 daily nutrition intake.


    1) Take two tablets once a day with enough water.
    2) Take soon after opening the packet.

  • Balance Power Booster (30mlX30 packet)

    Balance Power Booster disturbs a synthesis of carbohydrate to fat and reduces body fat. In 4 to 6 weeks, body fat breaks down and diet effect will be visible. It is liquid type for fast-absorption. Supplement with tropical fruits for healthy diet.


    1) Take 1 packet (30ml) a day. Take it before meal. Cut off the top of the packet along the line to take the contents.
        (allows 2 packets a day according to body type, program and diet goal)

  • Balance Green Enzyme (3g횞30 packet)

    Balance Green Enzyme contains 102 plant fermented enzyme. High polymers of enzyme are decomposed to small size then the enzyme delivers nutrients difficult to be absorbed to all over the body to help metabolism work smoothly.


    1) Take 1 packet (30g) a day, empty contents directly into the mouth or take with water.
    2) For increase of digestion and nutrition absorption, recommend to take Balance Green Enzyme no more than 30 minutes after meal.
        (2~3 packets a day are allowed for active metabolism and fast effect.)