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Ceragem Sponsored a โ€˜Joint Wedding Ceremony for Foreign Couplesโ€™ at the 7th Korean Thanksgiving Day Festival for Foreigners


Ceragem, a specialized global health care company, sponsored a `Joint Wedding Ceremony for Foreign Couples` at the 7th Korean Thanksgiving Day Festival for Foreigners hosted by the Cheonan Foreign Workers Center.


The 7th Korean Thanksgiving Day Festival for Foreigners, held from 10:30 to 17:00 on Sep. 24 (Sun), began in 2011 as an opportunity for communication and sympathy among Koreans and foreign workers and migrants through the mutual understanding of cultural diversity by providing information about Korean culture to foreign workers and migrants and enabling Koreans to experience foreign cultures as well.


The event was held in the Seongam Gymnasium of Namseoul University and the neighboring plaza. The event was honored by leaders of organizations and institutions including Cheonan Mayor Koo Bon-Young, the Superintendent of Provincial Education Office, members of the National Assembly, staff of the Human Resources Development Service of Korea, diplomatic missions and embassies, about 2,000 foreigners and about 800 Korean citizens. 



Representative Director Lee Gyu-Cheol of Ceragem said, โ€œA number of foreign workers and their families living in Korea couldn`t afford to hold a wedding ceremony because of economic difficulty. Thus, Ceragem sponsored the event to help them to be united in our society and adapt to society as a member and a neighbor here in Korea. It`s a greatpleasure for Ceragem to fulfill its social responsibility as a global leader by sponsoring this event.โ€


Furthermore, Ceragem has been continuing its regular sponsorship for ChildFund Korea for 11 years since 2006 and takes the initiative in helping the socially vulnerable through a variety of activities including Sharing Love by Kimchi for Winter for 6 years beginning in 2011.


All employees of Ceragem have been participating in social activities including volunteer activities in social welfare institutions and through blood donation since the establishment of the `Ceragem Hope Sharing Volunteer Club`to perform activities more systematically and fulfill social responsibility in April. After the business agreement with Cheonan Foreign Workers Center in March, Ceragem has been continuously implementing socially contributive activities as a global enterprise including โ–ฒKorean language institute for foreign workers, โ–ฒopening of shelter for female foreign workers and administrative support, โ–ฒglobal start-up fair and โ–ฒsponsorship for joint wedding ceremonies of foreign couples.


Including the Ceragem Hope Elementary School Project, the project of refurbishing old elementary schools in both China and Korea (8th elementary school under construction), establishment of a philanthropic health center, a scholarship project for 4 universities (Peking University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University and Jilin University), Ceragem Dream School Project in India, scholarship project for children in poverty including Vietnam and Dhaka University in Bangladesh, and aid for earthquake victims in Nepal, Ceragem has been implementing CSR activities all over the world.


For these activities above, Ceragem was selected as the Most Exemplary CSR Enterprise of Korea in China for two consecutive years in 2016 and won the `Grand Prize of Shared Value Management` in the Korea Marketing Awards for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017. The major businesses of Ceragem include SHELAX (heater business brand), Naviel (health care brand for women), Club Balance 5 and Ceragem Health & Beauty (cosmetic brand).  

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