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Ceragem Awarded Medical Device Field Grand Award at β€˜2017 Global Power Brand Grand Awards’





Global healthcare specialist firm Ceragem has revealed that it has been awarded the medical device field Grand Award at the `2017 Global Power Brand Grand Awards.`


The 2017 Global Power Brand Grand Award is jointly hosted by Korea Broadcasting News Association and Korea Branding Association. Sponsored by SBS, Chosun Ilbo and Ministry of SMEs and Startups, it is the nation`s only global power brand grand award established to discover brands of all domestic industry field`s firms and organizations increase brand value in the global market and international competitiveness and thereby contribute to economic development.

Ceragem, which was awarded the medical device field Grand Award, was founded in 1998 and was the first in the world to develop an automatic individual thermal heat massager. By marketing through experience, it is a global healthcare specialist firm that has expanded to around 70 nations worldwide including South Korea, China, India and Europe.

Its main product `Master V3`,through the spinal curvature measurement function and advanced projector moving system, provides tailored thermal heat massage and by analyzing individually different spine characteristics. It is a product that allows the user to more conveniently and effectively receive massage by tailoring the user`s spine. It was certified by the US FDA in 2014, and has been selected as the `World Class Product of Korea` in the individual thermal heat massager field from 2002 to 2015 consecutively.

In addition, there is `Youridm`, a total body care device that relieves symptomatic pain by applying ultrasound, low frequency or deep heat as well as the `RayD`, which is a total skin care device that facilitates the smooth self-management of the skin through peeling, ultrasound stimulation, high frequency stimulation,light irradiation and personal light therapy device.

Especially, Ceragem, through persistent technological development and management innovation, is striving to strengthen its reputation as a global medical device firm. Moreover, through the realization of management of sharing and coexistence, it is pioneering the execution of the firm`s CSR for the creation of shared values that can render the win-win of firms and the society.


CEO Lee Gyu-cheol said that "In the future, Ceragem will develop further as a firm that represents South Korea not only domestically, but on the international stage and will endeavor to become a firm that is loved by all customers around the world.”

Meanwhile, apart from Cenagem`s individualthermal heat massager project, Shelax, there is also the women`s healthcare brand Naviel, beauty, health and diet brand Club Balance 5 (CB5) and global cosmetic brand Health & Beauty (H&B).

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