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Ceragem listed on the โ€œWorld-Class Products of Koreaโ€ in the personal thermal massagercategory for the 16th consecutive year.



Ceragem was listed as one of the โ€œWorld-Class Products of Korea 2017โ€ in the personal thermal massager category for the 16th consecutive year.


The World-Class Products of Korea hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and organized by KOTRA was established in 2001 in order to contribute to taking the initiative in global markets, to strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises and to activate export. World-Class Products of Korea status is granted to those goods whose sales in the global marketplace are over 50 million USD per year or whose export is over 5 million USD per year on the condition that the global market share is within the Top 5 and top 5%.

The `Master V3`, the personal thermal massager of Ceragem listed on World-Class Products of Korea, enables more pleasant and effective massage as the advanced director movement system measuring the curvature of the spine analyzes diverse features of each individual spine and so moves the internal director to fit to the curvature of each spine.

Furthermore, the 6-level power control, 12 kinds of massage programs and Ceragem Sound Therapy providing mental comfort facilitate custom massage for users. The Ceragem Master V3 acquired approval from the FDA in March 2015. 

Ceragem was listed as one of the World-Class Products of Korea in the personal thermal massager category for the 16th consecutive year this year since 2002. Ceragem businesses include Naviel, which is the health care brand for women, Club Balance 5(CB5) for beauty, health and diet and Health & Beauty (H&B), a global cosmetic brand.  

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